Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Motown Song -- Rod Stewart and The Temptations

This came up on the random draw for Friday, when I thought "Didn't it have a wacky music video?" Yes, indeed, it did.

The song: It's a 90s Rod Stewart pop song. I love singing along with The Temptations, and it's really nice. I like it enough for it to be in my list of favorites. Sometimes you stick with the music you grow up with....

The video: Now this is where it gets gonzo. The trend of mixing animation and live action was in full swing (Paula Abdul and MC Stray Cat, anyone?), and Rod both turned the knob to 11 and made fun of nearly everyone in the industry. He manages to make fun of Sinead O'Connor, Madonna, Vanilla Ice, and even makes a jab at Elton John's Eisenhower hat phase, all while keeping a catchy beat going.

It's not great, and I'm not even certain it's good, but it's certainly fun and an experience.

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