Wednesday, September 30, 2020

I Go To Extremes — Billy Joel

I have to admit: I have been on a multi-year burnout of Billy Joel. If I hear Piano Man on the radio, I turn the channel. However, I have this song in my playlist, and I heard it pop up for this list, and I refused to skip it on the list. So, let's go face the man.

Listening to the song again, it's an interesting package that wraps Billy Joel up in a bow. It's definitely a 80s/90s borderland pop hit, and it's prretentious like a lot of songs were. Joel says he wrote it to apologize to Christie Brinkley about how he was all over the place; a lot of critics point out it identifies undiagmosed bipoloar disorder.

If you like Billy Joel, you'll like this one. If not, you won't.

(I will come back later with a purchase link; I am away from the computer.)

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