Tuesday, July 14, 2020

About Me

My name is David W. Rankin, Jr. I have blogged before under pseudonyms, but I finally quit because I found I didn't have anything worth saying that other people weren't saying better, and everyone who read my blog had quit blogging themselves (all 3-4 of them).

After my wife Paula died this year, COVID-19 hit. I kept track of extended family on Facebook, but I've been inundated with posts on one side or the other about politics, mask-wearing, "it's a hoax"/"we're all going to die", etc., and I'm tired of it.

While Paula was sick, I decided that I had way too much music that I hadn't listened to in a while, and a bunch I'd never heard at all. I collect second-hand CDs, especially clearance $1 and $2 CDs. If it's cheap, and especially if it's signed or from a Kentucky or otherwise unknown band, it's mine. I also have a large collection of downloaded music from when Amazon, Apple, and NoiseTrade gave a bunch of stuff away.

I will use this blog as my permanent home to talk about music. Most of the time, I'm talking about my Favorites collection (more about that in the Rules). Occasionally, I'll talk about new stuff, really old stuff, or something really newsworthy.