Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Lotto -- Ingrid Michaelson and AJR

This is a NoiseTrade special, hyping Ingrid Michaelson's then-next tour (the "Hell No" tour in 2016). You know, way back in pre-history before COVID when people actually went out and heard musicians in person...

Anyway, I technically get to be a hipster here, because I became a fan of AJR before they hit it at least somewhat big.

Moreover, this was a big David and Paula song. This fit our life, since we never had a bunch of money and were happy doing free (or low priced) stuff instead of spending a lot of money.

I was going to show you a live version of the song, since they never made a video, but most had poor sound quality. Instead, you get the song-only version:

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