Saturday, September 12, 2020

Better in the Video -- I Drove All Night -- Roy Orbison

The Song: This song was originally written for Roy Orbison, not Cyndi Lauper, and Roy recorded it in 1987. I think Roy Orbison is the best singer who has ever lived, but I'm glad they put this recording on the shelf. It took Jeff Lynne's work in 1992 to make something worth listening to, and even then, it's just not as good as Cyndi's version. If I didn't have the experiences I did with a long-distance relationship with Paula, this version would probably stay on the shelf for me, Roy or no Roy.

The Video: An incredible video rescues a middle-shelf song. The video features Jason Priestley and Jennifer Connelly as the two lovers in the song. They picked two incredibly attractive, skilled actors who had an outstanding chemistry with each other. They sell a sensuous, romantic, sexy relationship while staying PG to PG-13.

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