Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saturday Special — Suzanne Ciani

Rather than focus on a song or album this Saturday, I'm going to pick a musician, Suzanne Ciani. I have no idea whatsoever how I got the first album by Ms. Ciani. I expect that someone had taken a collection to Half Price Books or the Habitat for Humanity Restore, and they were all for sale together. The more albums I see for a musician I don't know, I will at least Google the musician and see if I want them (the opportunity to find that many albums at once may never happen again). When I heard her mentioned in similar terms to Enigma and Robert Miles, I had to buy them. After the first couple, I have worked to collect more.

She got her start in doing synthesizer sounds and beeps in commercials. Here's a GE appliance commercial that strikes close to home because of Bo:

While continuing her commercial and movie work, she branched out into synthesizer-based "new age" and neoclassical music. Here's a song from an early album:

While I don't have a single song of hers in my favorites playlists, I have begun sleeping with one of her all-accoustic albums playing as background music on the Bluetooth speakers. As it goes, I'm probably listening to more per-minute of her music than any other singer right now.

Here's the Suzanne Ciani store on Amazon.

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