Thursday, August 13, 2020

From This Valley -- The Civil Wars

The story of The Civil Wars is a sad one. Joy Williams said that she and John Paul White couldn't love each other and sing a song with the lyrics "I hate you, and I always will", but somehow they couldn't work together as friends either. That's sad, because I've seen lots of live performances from them, and they clearly worked together well. I don't own their second album, because I've heard reviews that it's basically a Joy Williams album with White singing backup occasionally, and I don't want that.

One of the last non-live songs the pair recorded pre-breakup is off a compilation album "Mercyland: Hymns for the Rest of Us": From This Valley. It's a powerful original song about waiting and praying to God.

Normally I will post an official video rather than a live version, but I'm not that fond of the lyric video version. This live version is better, and it's neat to see them have fun with the song ("I'll be even more undignified than that...."):

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