Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday Special -- OontZ Angle 3 Ultra Speakers

I'm going to vary my pattern a little here, and talk about music equipment. I still have very good hearing, but I admit that I'm not tremendously picky on music and speakers. I can listen to a song on my phone and think "that's good enough", but then be happy that I've got a better set of speakers available.

We had a set of Bluetooth speakers that I used with the AppleTV downstairs, but they had developed a hum that wouldn't stop even when a song was on. I'd had it for years, so out it went. I went searching for a replacement.

After some Googling, I foung the OontZ Angle 3 Ultra speakers. They were inexpensive, waterproof, battery powered and USB charged, and supposedly sounded really good. More importantly, you can buy 2 of them and link them together so that they acted like a single set of stereo speakers.

The black speakers are Bluetooth 5 connected, which means that, if you have a newer phone, it won't drain your phone battery. They can work at up to 100 meters as well.

I bought two, and have them both plugged into a two-port charger, and I have them connected together to make a single speaker. The sound is really good, and I could unplug them and pack them around the house if I wanted. They're also loud enough I can hear them through the whole house if I wanted, but soft enough to use for sleeping music. Pairing them isn't that hard, you just have to follow the instructions. I had them cease to pair correctly once, but I turned them off and back on, and they connected back together easily.

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