Saturday, August 8, 2020

Saturday Special - The HU

Last year, I happened to catch a link to probably the most unique band I've ever heard: The Hu. The HU are Mongolians who use traditional instruments and traditional singing techniques (including throat singing) to play heavy metal. Here is the first song of theirs I heard, Wolf Totem (turn on closed captions for English lyrics):

The second, and even better, was the song Yuve Yuve Yu:

I lost track of the band while Paula was sick. While looking up these links to write this article, I also found that they've been doing collaborations with English/American singers, including the incredible Lzzy Hale:

I am in general not a fan of heavy metal. While I think Lzzy Hale is an incredible singer, I am not fond of Halestorm (for example). However, The Hu take such an unapologetic romp through heavy metal territory while turning the knob past 11 (they sing about how they killed us all last time, and why they aren't able to unite and do it again....), and then they turn around and sing a song like Song of Women... They may not be in my Favorites playlist, but I did just order the MP3 version of their album.
Amazon Associates Links for The Gereg, Deluxe Edition (The Hu's first album): CD MP3

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