Saturday, July 18, 2020

Saturday Special -- Close Ties by Rodney Crowell

On Saturdays, I'm going to break The Rules, and talk about something musical that I just feel like it. Some weeks, it's going to be a set of songs with a unifying theme. Sometimes it's going to be X versus Y. This week, I'm going to cover an album that has one song in my favorites list now, but I just found a couple of weeks ago.

In 2017, Rodney Crowell wrote a wonderful album Close Ties, much of it in the perspective of his good friend and mentor Guy Clark. Somehow I managed to not hear this album until few weeks ago, and I've been making up for lost time. The jewel in the crown is It Ain't Over Yet.

I don't think Rodney and Rosanne could have sung this song if it was supposed to be about them (instead of about Guy and Suzanne Clark), but it's just as much about Rodney and Rosanne, or any other two older loves. Watching that video makes me sad that Rodney and Rosanne couldn't make their marriage work. John Paul White (formerly of The Civil Wars) adds an incredible dimension to the song.

The second song off the album I'll call out is I Don't Care Anymore. The album version is good, but Rodney sang an incredible acoustic version for Paste Magazine:

The entire album is good, and has reminded that I need to be buying Rodney's other albums.

A streaming link to Close Ties: Noisetrade

Some of the songs free on Noisetrade: Link

Amazon Affiliates links: CD MP3

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