Friday, July 24, 2020

Big Time -- Peter Gabriel

I'm a little young for Peter Gabriel as part of Genesis, although I have gone back and started listening to them more with him. I remeber this song from the radio the first time around, and the occasional view on MTV or TBS' Night Tracks.

As one meme says:
Director: How many different animation technologies do you want in this video, Peter?
PG: Yes.

Even so, the song has an incredibly cutting commentary. It's about a young man who is going to outgrow his hometown and be a big man in the big city. While generally serious, it still takes the opportunity to make fun of the protagonist ("a snow white pillow for my big fat head").

It's not as good as Mercy Street, Solsbury Hill, or especially Don't Give Up, but it's still an awfully good song, and it's an experience to watch.

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