Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Hear You Scream -- Hania and EternalXIII

Today we change things up a bit. We're going obscure, and we're going deeper into the recesses of my psyche. We are going to visit Newgrounds.
In 2010, Hania Lee was helping her then-husband finish a Flash Game/Movie called Alice Is Dead (you'll hear that one again later). I started following her then, and have kept doing so through 2 name changes and multiple ups and downs.
In 2011 Hania released the song "Hear You Scream" for the Tarboy 2 project that never happened. I liked the original OK, but it was a bit too slow for my tastes. Then a Dubstep remixer named EternalXIII got ahold of it, and he made this:

(Sorry, NewGrounds is smart enough to stop direct linking to their music, but did so in a way I couldn't tell until the music was posted. You're going to have to go to https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/434701 to listen to the song...)

It's creepy, more than a bit strange, and it's fascinated me for almost a decade. I still listen to it. I wasn't able to find a YouTube version of the remix, and he never put a version up for sale that I can find. You can read more at NewGrounds, or download the song here.
If you want to check out Hania's original song, here's a YouTube lyrical video:

The song can be bought on the album "The Hero" (digital only) on Amazon.

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  1. Just a little more info that I found after I got this ready to post: EternalXIII posted the first version as a Work In Progress, and wasn't happy with it. He posted a second version that he also wasn't happy with but liked better; I didn't like it at ALL. I saw no signs that he ever finished a third version.


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