Friday, July 17, 2020

White Flag -- Joseph

I get to start posting about music with a rant. The golden age of free music on the Internet was around 2007 to 2018. Apple was regularly giving away songs and videos on the "hit of the week". Google Play would occasionally throw together collections of classic hits trying to lure in eyeballs. And practically every music festival in existence would throw a mixtape of performers onto Amazon or NoiseTrade for free. Much of my collection came this way. (I know, the silver age of "one-cost-per-month" streaming and YouTube have replaced it; I still prefer owning my music, but I'll probably be giving in on this soon.)

Joseph's "White Flag" fits this bill to a T. I got this song as part of The Official Forecastle 2017 Playlist. The three sisters (Natalie Closner Schepman, Allison Closner, and Meegan Closner) who are singing the song have beautiful harmony. The song is an empowering, uplifting song about continuing a struggle against possibly overwhelming odds. An absolute jewel of a song, and well worth my favorites list.

One reason I'm doing this list is that I have so many songs that I can't pay attention to each one like I should. I appreciate them for 4 minutes, and then move on to the next. I want to stop for a few minutes and appreciate the gems I've let get a bit blasé. I'm going to use this opportunity to dig in and listen to more of their stuff; don't be surprised if other songs by Joseph appear on the Favorites list before we're done.

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  1. Nice song, definitely uplifting. I too try to avoid the streaming service. Something about at least owning the files outright. I've been thinking of getting a record player and getting records, but haven't found the space that isn't occupied by the kids's toys.

    1. Paula was the record aficionados in the house, and Wesley's headed down that path. My hearing is good enough that I can tell the difference between CD, digital files, and vinyl, I just don't have enough pitch discernment to care. It also doesn't help that I dislike the scratching/hissing of worn records...


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