Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Travel Win -- Euro Hostel Glasgow

I checked out hotel rooms for Glasgow, and I knew that I didn't want to pay full price for a traditional hotel room. I was going to be in the room a lot, but I wanted to be able to afford stuff outside the room. I considered a traditional hostel room, but I didn't want to share a room the entire time. If nothing else, I was afraid I'd snore too much, and my roommates would waterboard me to try to get me to stop...

Euro Hostel Glasgow was well rated, and appeared to be right in the middle of everything in Glasgow. (More on that in a minute.) They also have single-person and dual-person individual rooms with their own showers. I snapped one of those rooms up for my entire trip.

The hotel is nice. The room was clean and well kept, and the bed was livable for the bottom bunk of a bunk bed. The pillow was mediocre, but that's why I brought my own (see yesterday's post). They even included a towel for each bed, which was nice because I didn't like the microfibre towel I bought. There was even a TV in the room, which I eventually used on sleep mode for an 80s music channel.

The hostel arranged my Discover Scotland trip (a previous win), and tried to arrange a walking tour that fell through (that I didn't really miss). They had a warm breakfast buffet that was decent Scottish fare that I ate several times (and probably will again), but I wouldn't pre-pay for them for each day. Eventually, you'll get tired and grab something else on the go (or make a power breakfast out of the dark chocolate digestive buscuits... yum).

The biggest negative to the room was the shower. It was tiny. COVID has not treated me well weight-wise, but even at my thinnest, I would have considered the shower tiny. If you are bigger-boned, or have trouble bending over, spring for a hotel room with a real shower or slum it in the multi-bed rooms that usually have a bigger shower.

I want to go back to Scotland eventually. When I do, I don't intend to just stay in the cities. However, I know a trip to Glasgow will happen for at least one night. When it does, I will be quite tempted to stay at Euro Hostel Glasgow again.

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