Thursday, November 4, 2021

Travel Win -- Discover Scotland

The hostel I stayed in in Glasgow advertised a linked one-day tour of Loch Ness, so I bought it. I figured that I'd want to get out of town one day, and if I liked them, I'd see what other tours they had. I ended up booked with Discover Scotland Tours, on their one day Loch Ness and Glencoe tour. I consider Glencoe the highlight of my trip, and I want to go to Perthshire with more of an appetite. Perthshire also has a not-shlock tartan and kilt shop that closes at 6PM that I didn't discover until 6:05PM, so I want to see it again too.

Next trip through, I will either take the 4 day Isle of Skye tour or the 6 day Isle of Mull and Skyetours.

I consider Discover Scotland a complete and utter win.

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