Monday, November 8, 2021

Travel Win -- City Sightseeing Glasgow

When Paula and I went to New York City the last time, we made a strange "investment" for the trip: a three-day pass on the sightseeing busses for the city. The first day, we rode the bus around the whole of Manhattan, just checking out the tour. Then, we used the other 2 days as public transit, resting on the bus if we needed a seat and using the bus to go from place to place.

In Glasgow, I did the very same thing with City Sightseeing Glasgow. I bought a two-day pass (for 1 pound more than one day). Day one, I caught 2 different tour busses (one before lunch, one after), so I could see the sights and catch stuff I missed the first time. Then day 2, I used the bus to get to places like the Transit Museum and the Cathedral that are out of walking distance from the city center and/or hard to get to with public transit.

I had a really nice lady the first time I rode all the way around, and the second time was a nice fellow who could have been Craig Ferguson's younger (and slightly less funny) brother. Just be warned, the script doesn't change much between trips....

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