Saturday, November 28, 2020

Christmas Satire -- Dropkick Murphys -- The Season's Upon Us

Warning: Video is PG-13 or worse. Funny, but adult themes do happen. Also, to quote John Prine, "This song is completely non-autobiographical. It has nothing to do with my family."

The strongest unintended tradition in the extended Rankin household was the Adult Table. My grandfather, his brothers and sisters, and their spouses ate in the dining room at the adult table. At first, the adult table was a mystery to the kids, and kids are always attracted to mystery. Then some of us got towards adulthood, and some of the older adults passed or were unable to come, and we got our chance. To get stuck getting quizzed and lectured by Uncle Russell. Voluntarily choosing the adult table was only done once. Recently, the last of my grandfather's generation has passed away or is unable to come to Christmas, and the adult table is now just my mother's dinner table or dad's cousin's dinner table, and there's nothing particularly bad about being at the adult table.

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