Tuesday, November 10, 2020

1000 Ships (Acoustic) - Rachel Platten

I am so proud of myself: I have out-hipstered Wesley Hope. I knew about this song before Wesley did. Wesley heard it in 2018, and I downloaded this one from NoiseTrade in 2017. It happens so very rarely; I have to take my wins when they come.

I usually don't include multiple versions of the same song, much less multiple versions of the same song by the same artist, in my favorites playlist. However, the Acoustic version we're covering today is sufficiently different from the original "all instruments" that I like both separately on their own merits. We'll talk about the other version when it comes around on the guitar.

This song is an incredibly sweet song about love and caring for someone, and wishing that that person were with you. Like Long Monday, I can't help but think about that 15 months that Paula and I did long distance dating.

The best part for you: I downloaded this song from NoiseTrade, and it's STILL free over there. Go to https://www.pastemagazine.com/noisetrade/music/rachelplatten/noisetrade-sampler and listen to it. You'll then need to log in to download the song, but do it. Then go buy everything else she's ever made.

(The version in this video isn't identical, but it's pretty close. Again, go download the identical song.)

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