Sunday, October 11, 2020

Needs to Be a Video - Last Night -- Traveling Wilburys

Listen to the song, and then visualize this script:

Prelude and First verse:The song starts with The Hero singing at the bar, flashing back to The Hero selling 3 of 4 gold coins to Mr Big (Mr. Big wants all 4). The Lady is walking around the bar, until she comes up to the Hero and whispers in his ear. Orbison's second verse: The camera is pointed out the window to the party in the street, then pulls back to a romantic moment in the bedroom, and steam dripping onto the dresser mirror.

a Petty's third verse: set up next verse

a Orbison's fourth verse: the Lady pulls a knife on The Hero and wants the fourth coin.

a Fifth verse: the Hero is back at the bar, drinking a whiskey. He tosses the fourth coin to the bartender ("to pay for the mess"), and drives his motorcycle off into the sunset.

Song Ending: The bartender goes up to The Hero's room. The door is shut, and the bloody knife is sticking out of the door.

Fade out to the Hero driving into the sunset.

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