Saturday, December 5, 2020

Christmas Satire and Better In The Video -- Twelve Pains of Christmas -- Bob Rivers

This is a two for one special, because we have a special video for our Christmas Satire song. I've always adored the Twelve Pains as a Christmas Satire song. Like all good satire, it digs for that button of truth, and then presses hard. As I've heard others mention, I have been the "lights" guy way too often for my taste (and let's not even go into the "five months of bills"...).

While searching for a video for the song, I found the Third Hour TV version. I've never heard of these kids before, but the video they made for this song is hilarious. It compliments the song well and even throws a few jabs of its own, but doesn't try to go too far out on a limb itself. I laughed through the whole thing, and even played it a couple more times.

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