Friday, February 12, 2021

Your Woman -- White Town

One day, I went into Kroger after work to pick up the van and talk to Paula for a couple of minutes, and I heard this song on the in-store music channel. I put it in my favorites list quickly, but Paula refused to hear it any more. It was a neat music channel for us shoppers, but those who worked at the store were suffering. They played the same 15 to 20 songs over and over again on a loop for 2 or 3 days straight. Shoppers just thought they were neat 80s one hit wonders, but they were instruments of torture to the staff.

This is one of the first techno songs I ever liked, and I was intrigued by the androdynous nature of the person singing. Ends up that it's a guy singing, but he's not directly trying to play a gay man. (It's really a panache of lots of women singing a song where the lead character is clearly a man. In this case, it's a man singing a woman's song.)

Fair warning, the video's weirder than the song. I'm not even going to try on that one.

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