Monday, October 19, 2020

Bang Your Drum - Dead Man Fall

I can't even call Bang Your Drum as a one-hit wonder, because it wasn't even a hit. It was just the song that Craig Ferguson used to open his last show on The Late Late Show. Craig was well-known for promoting Scottish bands, and Dead Man Fall had a song that somewhat fit the point of the end of the show.

I'm fond of this song in spite of Craig using it, not because of it. The song is about continuing to move forward with your dream despite opposition. It's a "getting started" song, not a "finish the job" song like Craig used it. Even so, I'm very glad that I heard the song then, and that I downloaded it.

I'm currently scheduled to go to Scotland next April, and I intend to take in a Dead Man Fall show if at all possible while I'm there.

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